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ST: Oh just lounging...

riceball in soldierboy

25 Misc Winnix icons

I'm in a real Winnix mood, so here, are 25 random Winnix/Nixon/Winters icons. I really got into this scratchy texture...thing. Oi lol.




<333 Beyooteeful.
thank yewww ;3
you're welcome ;3
Chicka yeah! :3 Snagging a bunch, especially the Carentan make-out scene. I have to bow to your greatness there, getting that image right (so tricky!)
Glad you like them! That's one of my favorites of the bunch. :DD
Very nice! I'm taking several and will credit you.
Thank you!
:3 cuuuute. Taking a few, will credit when use.
thank you for posting!
Glad you like them! :D
are you going to rent silent hill: homecoming?
oh nononono lol I played I think it was silent hill 2 and NO THX. D:
im scared to play :(
I knowww! I don't touch the SH games. :(((
Please borrow Fable 2 though!! I want to play with you :/
I will :)
Love them all, but am swiping the one of Nixon smiling at Winters. Lovely. <3 Will credit.
I've been looking for good icons of these two for ages, so thank you! Snagging a bunch and will of course credit.