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ST: Oh just lounging...

riceball in soldierboy

part 2 of 2: Generation Kill Part 7 "Bomb in the Garden" icons.

Hey guys, here's part two of Generation Kill Part 7: "Bomb in the Garden" icons.

(19) - part 2 of 2: Generation Kill Part 7 "Bomb in the Garden" icons.




Snagging a few, will credit :)
I lovelovelovee Number 4. We all know Nate think's Brad is smexy.
I like the new colouring you've got going. Lovely icons.
snagging all the ones on the far left row except Rudy. I love them, especially number 4!!! ^_^
Taking #11 and #12. Also saved a bunch from your older posts. :)
Ooh! I love these, how crisp and clear and simple. Esp love the Naked Colbert? one. Nate's expression fits perfectly. Snagging and crediting some, thanks.
I just started this mini today and I gotta have these! :D (Going back in the tags and grabbing a bunch from your previous Gen Kill posts, if you don't mind.)
Awesome job, thanks!
I took a Nate one! Thank you so much! I've been using the Colbert one you made for all my GK posts, but now I have options! Will credit in comments and when I use it first!
These are great! I love the quiet!Ray, the reporter, Brad...all of them :)
Grabbing a few, will credit.
Stealing a few, thank you. Gorgeous colouring.