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ST: Oh just lounging...

riceball in soldierboy

wow a post! but no icons...

I know I haven't posted in...eons, but I have an excuse to post something right now though! I went to Anime Evolution in Vancouver this last weekend and here are some of the Axis Powers Hetalia shoot and random others. :D

I cosplay'd Greece in the shoot and throughout the whole weekend. Met some great people and hopefully will be able to see again.


It was an very happy time, isn't? ^_^
I'm a little envious of cosplayeras XD
Looks like a good time! That Iceland is especially adorable!
LOL Look at'chu with your widdle kitty~ XD
I guess the best things come in small amounts.
(this is uniform seychelles, btw)
kjhfkusef omgggg it was sooo much funnnn *___*